Monday, July 14, 2014

Indelible Blog Hop

My friend Katarina recently released her first line of fabric, Indelible, with Art Gallery Fabrics and to say that I'm in love with it is an understatement. Kinda along the lines of saying I sort of like pie,  I own a few quilts, or we've watched a little bit of soccer the last few weeks.

I first got glimpses of it on her blog in early 2014.  And since then I stalked the Internet to find more. And more.  And more.

The colors are rich, saturated and combinations that are new to me . . . yet familiar.  The deep eggplant next to the mustard yellows, soft grays and bright teals are sophisticated while the prints and patterns are fresh and a bit whimsical.  The repeating bird print owns me.  As do the chevrons.  And the birch bark trees.

Don't even get me started on the lining fabric print.  I don't know what it is and think that's part of why I love it so much.  I've studied it more than any one person probably should rightfully study fabric.

I bought small cuts of the entire line but after having it in my hands I know that I need to buy yardage of several of the prints. This project bag is just the tip of the iceberg of the love affair that is going to be Dana and Indelible.

Thanks for including me in your Blog Hop Katarina.  Can't wait to see what you design next!


P.S.  I made this bag to carry projects with me to Sew-OK. If you'll be there too, don't get any crazy ideas about trying to steal my bag.  I'm watching you.  I didn't follow a pattern... just sort of winged it.  I used Annie's Soft & Stable to make it so it stands up on its own.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

My book, Imagine Quilts, officially out in the world!

Um.  Ya.  I know this video is pretty rudimentary as far as self produced videos go.  It took me For.  Ev.  Er.  Not the videoing part, obviously, but first I did it on my phone, then couldn't get it onto my iPad, then reshot it with my iPad.  Then had to figure out iMovie.  And then how to get the whole thing to the PC.  And on and on.  I consider the fact that you can't hear my dogs barking in the background a success.

 So, as of Tuesday my book is officially out in the world.  You can find it directly from my publisher Martingale, on Amazon and at your local quilt and craft shops.  Later this month I will be giving away a remake of my cover quilt, Posy Patrol, and there will be lots of fun giveaways on social media in the weeks to follow.

Finally, I'm guest posting over on STITCHthis! today and talking about how I find inspiration for my quilts.  They are giving away an eBook copy of my book so I hope you'll check it out.


Monday, July 7, 2014

Checking 'em off

I'm happy to report that we've been checking things off our summer to-do list.

Two weekends ago we traveled to Mammoth Caves National Park in Kentucky and went on two separate caves tours.  And road bikes.  And hiked.  And talked with good friends and generally solved all the world's problems.

And this past weekend, we hiked to the top of a local mountain and watched fireworks from all the surrounding communities. I think we counted 20 different displays at different times.

So, ya.  We are waking, eating, drinking, splashing, breathing, hiking, and soaking up summer.

Hope you are too.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Definition of summer

We've been to the beach.  And horse camp.  And helped strip wallpaper from a bathroom.  And on the paddle board.

We have dirt under our fingernails.  And sand in between our toes.

The kids have tie dyed.  Made glass beads.  Had fun with leather and made some amazing recycled art.

And we've spent time with our littlest niece/cousin.  

Still on tap?  Camping. Cave tours.  Hikes.  Bike rides.  S'mores.  Lightening bugs.  More paddle boarding.  Picking the soon-to-be-ripe berries in our yard.  Making jam.  Grilling pizzas.  Seeing more cousins.  Sewing with friends. Driver's Ed.  ::Gulp::  Book release.  Quilt giveaway (it'll be here in a few weeks!)  Birthday parties.  Diving off docks.  Craft festivals. Clogging performances.  Tomatoes. Making tomato sauce.  Eating squash fries.  Caprese salad by the platter.  Rushing to grab beach towels off the line before the afternoon rain.  Swimming at the pool.  Eating popsicles.  Viewing fireworks from our favorite spot.

It's full swing summer around here.


Monday, June 9, 2014

You ask. I answer. Volume I

I get emailed all the time with questions usually relating to something I've said here.  Though sometimes it's because of something I've posted on Pinterest or Twitter or Instagram. Some questions are easy to answer, others I have to google, some are strange, and others are repeatedly asked.  I think that every now and then I will share some of those questions and answers here.  Mostly it will be the ones that I'm asked often.  And of course sometimes it will be the strange ones.

Awhile ago I said that we drink raw milk, and I get asked about that at least a couple of times a month. Back in 2008 when we first found a source for raw milk we drank it and enjoyed it for several years. Then that farmer stopped milking and we were out of a regular source for awhile.  However, we've recently found a new farmer and are happily drinking the milk, enjoying the cream and the amazing biscuits it helps make, making butter and thinking about learning to make cheese this summer. Probably mozzarella because I've heard it's easy.  Any recipes you want to share?

Back in 2009, I hosted a quilt along that taught each step in making a quilt.  I still get a ton of traffic to those posts and end up fielding lots of questions about the quilt making process.  I love that! I love turning people into quilters!

When I first started quilting in 2006/07 I learned most everything I knew at an area quilt shop and from ladies from a long-standing traditional quilt guild in my area.  I remember the little lady that taught me how to bind a quilt and she explained that her mother taught her, and her grandmother taught her mother.  She taught me to bind in the exact way that I outline in my tutorial . . . and the way the ends meet up with the end tucking into the other was purposeful.  She explained that quilts got lots of loving and daily use and bindings often needed repaired or replaced over the years and that's the way they liked to do it. I honored that tradition and taught that same method during that quilt along in 2009. Whenever I sat and stitched with those ladies it garnered lots of approving nods and knowing looks of respect when they saw I was doing it the same way.  But, to answer your question, somewhere over the years since then I've stopped doing it that way and now connect the two ends of the binding before stitching it down.  I've gone back and forth on whether to amend the original tutorial but always decide to keep it as is.  It just feels like the right way to honor the woman that taught me and those that taught her.


Wednesday, June 4, 2014


According to Merriam-Webster sporadic is an adjective meaning happening often but not regularly: not constant or steady.

Sporadic can aptly describe both sewing and blogging for me for the next several weeks.  And perhaps the last several as well. I blame the end-of-the-school-year-beginning-of-summer-dance that I do each year. You know the one I'm talking about I'm sure.  It leaves me spun out on the floor like I took too many spins on the whirly gig at the carnival.

But that dizzy-I-don't-know-if-I'm-coming-or-going spell will die down and I'll find my summer groove soon enough.  After all, my book is being released on July 8th and I've got some fun things planned related to that.  I hope you will have found your summer groove too and can join me.

Until then, sporadic = me.


Monday, June 2, 2014

Two Quilting Events You Should Know About!

Two cool things every quilter should know about?  The 18th South African National Quilt Festival and a Mega Quilt Market Sweepstakes from Fat Quarter Shop.   

The South African National Quilt Festival is held every other year and in July 2015 will take place on the subtropical east coast of South Africa. Kaffe Fassett is the special featured guest and the event sounds amazing.

Now I'm tapping my fingers on the table and trying to come up with a scheme that involves traveling to Africa in July 2015. Think Razor will be on board?  Maybe I need to find an adventure race for him there at that time.  That could work. . .

Equally cool is the Mega Quilt Market Sweepstakes being hosted by Fat Quarter Shop.  To enter, all you have to do is answer the twenty five questions (in the survey found in the link.)  You don't have to be on social media or anything.  Easy peasy and over $6,300 in prizes.  Whoot!