Thursday, February 4, 2016

Bathroom remodel progress pictures

Did I mention a transom window in my last bathroom remodel post? I didn't? Well, there will be a transom window!


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Episode 82: Modern Sewciety Podcast

I recently chatted with Stephanie at Modern Sewciety about creativity, quilting, mothering and stuff. She hosts a wonderful podcast and I was so honored to be a part of it. Won't you please forgive my rambling? I do love to talk about quilting.


Thursday, January 28, 2016

Free Pattern: Dog Scarf

The other day I made some quick dog scarves for our dachshund named Harpo. I made them with a channel to slide her collar through and they work so well I decided to offer it up to you. The image below is your pattern piece. Copy, paste it and play around with it's size until you get the 1" scale down in the bottom left to equal 1" when you print it out. 

(Please try to ignore the basic hand drawn nature of the pattern. It would have taken me three times as long to figure out how to draw it up beautifully on the computer than to sew a dozen of the darn things. You get it, right?!?)

You need to cut two pattern pieces -- a front and a back. Place them right sides together and sew along the four sides at a 1/4" seam allowance. If looking at the above image, don't sew along the top most side. Once the other four sides are sewn, turn it right sides out, press it and then serge or zig zag along that open side. Next, fold along fold line and stitch in place creating the channel for the dog collar.

I made four in a matter of minutes. Though this is sized specifically for a small breed like my dachshund, you can easily play with your pattern piece and make any size you want. Obvs.

Now I'm resisting the urge to make all the seasonal, holiday, team sport, etc. scarves that I can think of. Must. Draw. The. Line.

I'd love to know if you make one! Shoot me an email or tag me on social media with #oldredbarncodogscarf if you do.


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Bathroom remodel - Before

The great remodel-the-bathroom-that-you've-lived-with-for-twelve-years project has begun!

Our house is an old 1950's farmhouse. This bathroom and our bedroom were added sometime after 1950 and before we bought it in 2004. In 2011, we made the bedroom look original to the house and now it's the bathroom's turn.

This is the same shot after demo. And with some new electric already run!

This is directly across from the sunflower cabinet we were just talking about. It's also where the new shower will be.

Above is still the where shower will be but panned slightly to the left. You can see the soon to be installed tile stacked there in our bedroom.

There will be lots of pictures as the process moves along. Like photos of said tile. Of the vintage commercial laundry sink that is becoming the centerpiece of the room. That and the handcrafted sink base, countertop and cabinets made from 100+ year old barn wood. And the salvaged pine tongue and grove boards that will become the walls (which  match the rest of our house!) And the galvanized lighting fixtures that are meant for barn lighting.

It's gonna be good. And you'll be hearing lots more about it.


Thursday, January 21, 2016

You know it's a snow day when . . .

You know it's a snow when hot chocolate is nearly continuously being made.

And you find snowman selfies on your phone.


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Today's life questions answered. Or not.

Today's life questions?  Best blog archive service these days? What to make with my long hoarded Liberty fabric? How to watch your first born get into a car and drive away?

Every year I've had my blog, I've used an online service to slurp the year's contents into a hardbound book. Well, not every year because the last book I have covers 2013. That means I have to get 2014 and 2015 printed and bound. Wondering if anyone has any great suggestions for a company to use seeing as how I've been out the game for two years. 

Bueller? Bueller? 

Second, I've been collecting Liberty fabric for six or seven years and finally pulled it all out and let it sit on my cutting table until I had a plan. I cut every last bit of it into 4" squares for a total of 1,350 squares. I'm making a king sized and a double sized quilt with it for my mom. She's a special mom deserving of special quilts. Plus, I'll be able to visit them often and make sure she is taking good care of them.  

Lastly, this one got her driver's license last Friday. As we were headed there, her in the driver's seat, I let her know the pitfalls of being a first born child. I know she is experiencing it daily but I thought hearing the words come out of my mouth might be  . . . oh, I don't know. Reassuring that I'm aware of her plight?  She has the unfortunate circumstance of being my first born. She is the one who has taken the brunt on teaching me all the parenting stuff first. Teaching her to drive Having to learn how to drive from me hasn't been easy. I haven't been the picture of patience. And I've dragged my feet on more than one occasion at the prospect of her advancement. It just all feels so very big. Watching her get into a car and driving away. By herself. Without me right there. Yeah, yeah. Wings. I know. I love watching her grow hers but the feelings are real. Big and real.


Thursday, January 14, 2016

I'm clumsy

I'm a clumsy disaster lately. It's bad, yo. But first, the pretty stuff. Like this little black and white pitcher that I love. And that pinky, purply sky.

And this awesome Singer sewing table I found at the thrift shop last weekend.

And colors in rainbow order.

And quilting.

And this wreath I made right before Christmas. I loved that thing. The operative word being lovED. My clumsy disaster of a self dropped it. 


Which is why I'm not helping Razor build his Ninja Warrior inspired gym. I'd fall off of that thing in a heartbeat.